Here's how we tackle your behavior change challenges

Our tailored service packages help organizations achieve behavior change at scale fast.

Intervention design for behavior change

Behavior change cannot be forced, but can be unlocked by finding the right trigger. Our team works with you to go deeper to understand the target audience and unpack the relevant barriers and motivators. 17 Triggers applies the latest behavioral science to all of our projects. When the intervention is designed in alignment with our persona’s beliefs, values, and true needs, it is a force for positive and sustainable change.

Marketing strategy and implementation

Beyond selling products and services, marketing is about providing a rich customer experience and a value proposition that resonates. Using our proprietary Trigger Mapping framework, we analyze and optimize customer journeys to create integrated marketing strategies and implementation plans that lead to increased adoption, usage, and loyalty.

Social behavior change communication

Can your message cut through all the noise and clutter? We apply human-centered design (HCD) to create breakthrough integrated communication campaigns that inspire actions and motivate the adoption of desired behaviors. Across video, radio, social media, and experiential channels, our communication strategies are finessed through rigorous measurement and evaluation.

Product and service design

Translating consumer insights into successful products and services is about having a bold, flexible, and iterative design approach. Our innovative design methods ensure that products and services are user validated and ready to take to market. We help you de-risk your investment to launch a new product or service to market by helping you quickly test and evaluate value propositions, product features, and pricing and payment structures in order to create customer journeys that generate positive word of mouth and build trust.

Training and capacity building

With the right knowhow, frontline staff can deliver impact at scale. By evaluating current practices and identifying skill and resource gaps, we help design tools and training to empower frontline staff to trigger successful behavior change. We teach teams flexible frameworks, enabling them to apply HCD themselves for innovative solutions to diverse problems.

Effective solutions arise from an effective process

We pride ourselves on a process that is open-minded, iterative, and deeply embedded in the real world of the communities we serve. Our method is honed and primed to deliver results, whether for small, targeted interventions, or massive countrywide campaigns.

In designing interventions, we believe it is necessary to immerse in messy reality before progressing ideas into a successful implementation. We begin with a seemingly chaotic swirl of insights, creative ideas, and prototypes to sift out the solution that best affects the desired change. This makes implementation of the design as smooth and straightforward as the line extending to the right from the squiggle.

Our projects at a glance


A Vision of Perfect

We kick every project off with a Vision of Perfect workshop with all project stakeholders. We clearly define the target audience, the desired change, and the success metrics that we hold ourselves accountable to. This provides a north star that aligns all of our efforts in the same direction, right from the start.

Insights from deep within

We embed ourselves in local communities, spending time with target users, frontline staff, and stakeholders to uncover the right behavioral triggers. Our method is more than reading charts and reports, it’s about engaging with people on a deeper level, and sparking the right conversations. Travelling by car, boat, or foot, we get to where the insights are to be found, challenging assumptions along the way. We only stop once we have actionable insights that can guide intervention design.

Ideation and prototypes

We approach problems without biased solutions in mind. Before ideation, we study best practices and failures from around the world so we are armed with relevant learnings. We co-create solutions and rapid-test prototypes that are ‘real enough to feel.’ This allows us to identify ideas with potential early on, and eliminate those that don’t work. Our process is collaborative with an interweaving of perspectives, skills, and ideas from project stakeholders, frontline workers, and target users.


We believe in creating change that is not just impactful, but sustainable too. We support organizations by designing interventions that create value for the user, are financially viable, and integrate into existing systems (or build new ones) for long lasting impact. To take interventions, products, or services forward, we create implementation plans, train frontline staff, and work with operational teams to modify processes.

Want something fast?

Here’s how we can help.

Persona Deep Dive Clinic

Equip your team with fast, simple tools to learn from your customers on a regular basis. This clinic will train your team on three human-centered design research tools that your team can master and use the next time they meet a customer. Your team will surface insights and new ideas on how to tweak your products and services to add value for your customers.

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Run a Design Sprint

A design sprint is a time-bound process that uses design thinking with the aim of reducing risk when bringing a new product, service, or feature to the market. Our team will work with yours over the course of 4 weeks to design, prototype, and quickly test ideas with customers. This way you can confidently launch into market with something pre-validated, saving you time and money.

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Book a VoP Workshop

The first step when approaching any problem or solution is for the parties involved to align on what we call a Vision of Perfect (VoP) statement. 17 Triggers can facilitate this conversation using visual mapping to ensure that decision makers, stakeholders, and everyone involved has a voice and is working towards the same outcome. It all starts with a “We want…” statement.

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