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Based in Cambodia and working globally, we use behavioral science, marketing, and a punch of creativity to help solve some of the world's greatest social challenges.

First of all, we're not an ad agency

We're a one stop shop that can help your project from beginning to end. Whether you’re developing a multimillion dollar strategy, improving an existing program, or doing research, we can work with you. 

Here are a few ways how:

Lean Strategy Development

Strategies and plans don’t have to be 50 pages long. Not only are they difficult for everyone to understand, but the ideas inside are often never tested, resulting in costly mistakes. We work with you to develop a one-page strategy that is easy to understand, is quick to test, and can save significant time and money in the long term.

Behavior Change Audits

From hidden camera research to secret shoppers and bright spot analysis, we use a range of ethnographic research methods to help you find the hidden reasons why your programs may not be changing behaviors as well as they could.

Sales and Marketing

Creating a poster alone will never help you reach your sales goals. We look at the whole customer journey. In addition to traditional advertising, we do strategy development, design sales toolkits and train your sales team to close more sales.

Behavior Change Communications

Many advertising agencies churn out posters for social causes thinking that triggering behavior change is like selling a soda or beer–it’s not. We help you understand why, and create mass campaigns and interpersonal communication (IPC) tools that actually work.


Proper training and tools enable front line staff and village trainers to trigger behavior change on a much wider scale. Whether you have an existing curriculum or not, we can help your team produce a more effective training session. Want to scale up your in-house trainers? We can deliver a Training of Trainers (TOT) too.

Capacity Building Workshops

Tailoring our workshops to fit your needs, we help your teams develop the skills to solve problems creatively, think like a marketer, design better programs, or change behaviors rapidly. Using methods developed by the 17 Triggers team, Google and IDEO, people have called our workshops “a breath of fresh air” and “absolutely mind blowing.”

We killed the comic book

For one of our first projects, we designed a comic book that spent more time on the shelf than in the hands of the target audience. From this experience we learned that impact trumps outputs and we have since worked hard to ensure we are always solving the right problem. To see what we mean, have a look at some of these recent projects.

  • The Challenge:

    Shattering myths and misconceptions

    Many Cambodian women begin to use family planning methods, but almost half quit. Why? Many mistakenly believe that using contraception will cause cancer, infertility, tumors, or other health complications. PSI hired us to develop a mass media campaign that challenged these beliefs. The problem is we all have adverse reactions to being told we’re wrong. How do you challenge these perceptions without causing offence?

    Read the case study See all of our projects
  • The Challenge:

    Shifting NGOs to work together, not in silos.

    Since the 1980s, hundreds of NGOs have been developing Behavior Change Communication (BCC) tools such as posters or TV commercials with the hope to trigger the masses to use latrines, wash hands with soap or drink treated water. The problem is that few behaviors have actually changed and millions of dollars have been wasted to develop repeat BCC strategies and tools in silos. What’s worse is that over the decades none of the BCC tools have been tested to see if they could actually change behaviors. How do we change an entire sector of NGOs to start triggering behaviors in unison?

    Read the case study See all of our projects
  • The Challenge:

    Stopping tourists from doing more harm than good

    Every year, thousands of tourists visit orphanages in Cambodia thinking they are helping some of the most vulnerable children in the world. Recent reports, however, have found that tourist visits, despite best intentions, may cause more harm than good. This ‘industry’ does not respect children’s rights–not only does it often increase risks to vulnerable children, including long-term psychological damage and possible sexual abuse, it can also keep their living conditions poor and encourage the separation of families. To make things worse, 75% of ‘orphans’ in Cambodia are not really even orphans-they are children, with parents, who are taken out of school to raise money from tourists. How do you convince tourists to stop doing what they believe is helping?

    Read the case study See all of our projects

We're a bit like a Duck-Billed Platypus

With half of us from the development world and half from marketing, advertising and design, it’s hard to imagine us working so well together.

  • "17 Triggers is unlike any firm that I have worked with before, and that is a very good thing. They start by learning about how the target audience truly sees the world revolving around the desired/undesired behavior. This is a radical new concept and 17 Triggers has excelled in using processes to create truly innovative and impactful social behavior change campaigns."

    Cordell Jacks, iDE, Director Global WASH Program

  • "PSI, as a social marketing organization, knows good marketing when we see it. 17 Triggers are experts. They know how to listen and get the results you need. If you allow them the opportunity, they will also challenge your assumptions -- and your program will be better for it. I highly recommend them."

    Alysha Beyer, Former Senior Advisor at Population Services International

  • "17 Triggers crew are creative, passionate, and never lose sight of their goal to create as much positive social impact as possible. One thing is for sure that makes them unique: they always see the forest for the trees."

    Kyle Buetzow, Former Manager at MTV EXIT

  • "The greatest thing I learned after our workshop with 17 Triggers is that awareness raising alone does not change behaviors… We can be more effective at changing behavior of our communities by changing the way we implement projects."

    Joseph Yowela, Plan Zambia

  • "17 Triggers is in a league of their own."

    Benjamin Mandell, PATH Cambodia

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