Hi. We're a Behavior Change Lab.

We do HCD, Design Thinking, Research and Marketing for Good Causes.

That's right, 100% Good Causes

Whether you want to sell more solar lights, train farmers faster, redesign a health care system,
or create a campaign to trigger millions to use toilets, we can help.

Here are a few ways how:

Lean Strategy Development

Strategies and plans don’t have to be 50 pages long. Not only are they difficult for everyone to understand, but the ideas inside are often never tested, resulting in costly mistakes. We work with you to develop a one-page strategy that is easy to understand, is quick to test, and can save significant time and money in the long term.

Behavior Change Audits

From hidden camera research to secret shoppers and bright spot analysis, we use a range of ethnographic research methods to help you find the hidden reasons why your programs may not be changing behaviors as well as they could.

Sales and Marketing

Creating a poster alone will never help you reach your sales goals. We look at the whole customer journey. In addition to traditional advertising, we do strategy development, design sales toolkits and train your sales team to close more sales.

Behavior Change Communications

Many advertising agencies churn out posters for social causes thinking that triggering behavior change is like selling a soda or beer–it’s not. We help you understand why, and create mass campaigns and interpersonal communication (IPC) tools that actually work.


Proper training and tools enable front line staff and village trainers to trigger behavior change on a much wider scale. Whether you have an existing curriculum or not, we can help your team produce a more effective training session. Want to scale up your in-house trainers? We can deliver a Training of Trainers (TOT) too.

Capacity Building Workshops

Tailoring our workshops to fit your needs, we help your teams develop the skills to solve problems creatively, think like a marketer, design better programs, or change behaviors rapidly. Using methods developed by the 17 Triggers team, Google and IDEO, people have called our workshops “a breath of fresh air” and “absolutely mind blowing.”

  • ""Creative! The training encouraged active participation and focused on community change which is a priority for all. There were clear visuals and tools for each step.”

    “Very colourful, interactive and dynamic training.”

    “The creative learning steps from 17 Triggers were very easy to understand and recognize by visual aid. I also enjoyed the lessons learned from Sri Lanka."

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