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Community Change techniques

World Vision Community Change

World Vision’s Ending Violence Against Children (EVAC) East Asia program works with people of all cultures, faiths, and genders to achieve social transformation.

The Challenge

Violence against children is present in many communities across East Asia. Though the contexts under which these children live differ vastly across the region, many are faced with disrupted social support networks, low economic status, and other conditions that make them prime targets for violence and trafficking. Seeking to bridge these fundamental gaps in child protection, at the community level, can make a big difference to securing their well-being. However, successful community intervention requires highly-trained facilitators, who stay engaged and motivated in the face of extremely difficult circumstances.

Our Solution

The Community Change for Social Action Model is a highly effective, dialogue-based process that has helped communities overcome issues ranging from HIV/AIDS to genital mutilation. This model allows communities to uncover underlying causes and create action plans of their own accord, with their own resources, so that transformation continues well after intervention. World Vision already planned to train key staff from their East Asia Program on this model, as a way to eliminate harmful practices towards children in the communities they work with. 17 Triggers was engaged to make their Training of Trainers (ToT) program as effective as possible.

The 17 Triggers team adapted a complex and general model to the specific needs of World Vision’s trainers and developed support materials to ensure they could deploy the techniques in the field. Child Protection Officers from Cambodia, China, Mongolia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam were introduced to and practiced a range of facilitation techniques, such as storytelling and drawing village maps. These skills help communities to uncover unspoken issues and provide safe spaces to discuss conflicts as they emerge. Participants immediately began to apply what they learned by planning clear action steps to reduce violence towards children in their respective countries.

""Creative! The training encouraged active participation and focused on community change which is a priority for all. There were clear visuals and tools for each step.”

“Very colourful, interactive and dynamic training.”

“The creative learning steps from 17 Triggers were very easy to understand and recognize by visual aid. I also enjoyed the lessons learned from Sri Lanka."

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