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WaterSHED works with local enterprises and government to build market-based solutions in the WASH sector.

The Problem

Since the 1980s, hundreds of NGOs have been developing Behavior Change Communication (BCC) tools such as posters or TV commercials with the hope to trigger the masses to use latrines, wash hands with soap or drink treated water. The problem is that few behaviors have actually changed and millions of dollars have been wasted to develop repeat BCC strategies and tools in silos. What’s worse is that over the decades none of the BCC tools have been tested to see if they could actually change behaviors. How do we change an entire sector of NGOs to start triggering behaviors in unison?

The Solution

Working with the Ministry of Rural Development, with inputs from leading technical experts from UNICEF, WHO, CARE, ADB and iDE, we designed an Open Source toolkit with 47 tools that any organization can use. The tools are inspired by the success of Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) that use disgust and shame to trigger people to action. The toolkit has been praised by the London School of Tropical Medicine and continues to be used by organizations in Cambodia and around the world.

The open source WASH BCC toolkit can be found on the WaterSHED website here.

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Some of the project outputs:

  • Concept development
  • BCC
  • IEC
  • Social Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Training Tools

The Work

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