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UNCDF MM4P and Zoona

UNCDF Mobile Money for the Poor Programme aims to assist in scaling up sustainable branchless and mobile financial services that reach the poor in very low-income countries.

The Challenge

Zoona, a mobile money service provider who uses mobile technology to help the financially excluded send and receive money in a fast, easy, and safe way, was expanding their booming money transfer offering to respond to the growing demand among Zambians for a safe place to keep their money. Through a flexible “keep” account, accessible at all Zoona outlets, consumers would be able to easily store and take out their money through their mobile wallet.

UNCDF MM4P asked 17 Triggers to help Zoona test and refine a value proposition that addressed the needs and motivations of Zambians, and test and iterate on how best to introduce the product in an effective, customer-centric and sustainable way.

Our Solution

17 Triggers’ research showed that Zoona’s target market was less motivated by long-term goals for keeping money (e.g. building a house), and more motivated to keep money for “the unexpected” (e.g. car troubles, emergency medical costs, surprise school expenses). 17 Triggers tested messages with consumers to refine the value proposition, prepared marketing tools for the agents and customers, and set up rapid 3-week trials, or real-world experiments, with 20 agent outlets, to understand which package of ideas and tools would lead to uptake and usage.

The Zoona team has since continued to iterate and hone their “keep” account , incorporating our recommendations, and further launching the product in additional provinces.

UNCDF was able to share with other service providers lessons learned from 17 Triggers and Zoona’s use of human centred methods to achieve solutions that fit users’ needs.

Some of the project outputs:

  • Sales tools
  • Research
  • Testing
  • Monitoring
  • Training

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