We want rural Cambodians to drink O-We clean water everyday

Teuk Saat 1001fontaines

Teuk Saat 1001fontaines provides Cambodians access to clean, affordable drinking water and empowers locals to run and operate community water facilities.

The Challenge

Like many clean-water initiatives, Teuk Saat had focused primarily on health & safety messaging as a way to promote O-We, their home-delivery, bottled water service. However, recent evidence has shown health messaging to be ineffective in motivating behaviour change in water safety. Teak Saat challenged 17 Triggers to innovate, and come up with and test new ideas that would increase consumption of O-We amongst current customers, grow their home delivery customer base, and recruit resellers to sell O-We water.

The Solution

The 17 Triggers research and field immersion with consumers showed that even people with limited means desire things like quality, convenience, and status. The team created the concept “Taste the Good Life” that captured those aspirations in an energetic youthful campaign across a suite of tools. This included mobile drink stations, allowing people to try O-We in the market or at events; new labels and packaging that illustrated the positive benefits of O-We; and a whole new program for launching the community water stations complete with games, prizes and a “bottle band”, – who wrote and performed an original O-We song entirely on instruments made of O-We bottles.

Some of the project outputs:

  • Concept development
  • Research
  • Branding
  • Training
  • Events

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