We want rural Cambodian children to eat two fistfuls of veggies everyday

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The Challenge

Cambodian mothers know that vegetables are good for their children, but like many places in the world, no surprise, kids just don’t want to eat their veggies! With little time or information on how to make their kids eat vegetables – and more importantly, how much they should be feeding them – mothers turn to fast, cheap, unhealthy snacks they know their kids will eat (like chips and ice cream) at the expense of their nutrition. SNV asked 17 Triggers to partner with them to take on an age-old problem and help Cambodian mothers get their kids to eat their vegetables.

Our Solution

The 17 Triggers team found that providing mothers with mealtime games or gimmicks wasn’t going to cut it. Mothers had to understand vegetable portions sizes (two fistfuls!), new ways to prepare them, and then, how to get kids to eat them.

SNV and the 17 Triggers team worked together to create “Supermom”, a character to represent all moms who could deliver important messages. The multi-layered campaign included market activations with the Supermom Veggie Challenge, weekly interactive voice response messages (IVR) with stories that captured common “I don’t want to eat my vegetables!” scenarios and how supermoms solved them, interactive mealtime demos that showed correct portioning before and after cooking, and of course, fun techniques to entice kids to eat their veggies.

Some of the project outputs:

  • Concept development
  • BCC
  • Branding
  • Testing
  • Monitoring
  • Training Tools

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