We want plantation workers and their families to go to the Mobile Malaria Worker every time they have chills or a fever

PSI Cambodia

PSI Cambodia (formerly Population Services Khmer) works to improve the health of low-income and vulnerable Cambodians through affordable, market-driven solutions.

The Challenge

While numbers are rapidly reducing, over 40,000 people in Cambodia still die from malaria every year, with migrant workers based on rubber, and other crop plantations being at the highest-risk. The government’s goal to eradicate malaria by 2025 means that more and more testing has to be done to catch every last case. PSI Cambodia had been working with volunteer Mobile Malaria Workers (MMWs) on plantations to test and treat as many cases as possible, but the amount of testing among MMWs varied so much it was hard to tell how effective the program was. So PSI Cambodia asked 17 Triggers to help them find ways to catch every last case of malaria.

Our Solution

Over four weeks, the 17 Triggers team prototyped and tested two concepts. The first concept “Cash For Fevers” was modelled on proven conditional cash-transfer programs. In this case, plantation workers visited shopkeepers and were given 500 Cambodian Riel (US 12c) if they had a fever (an early signal of malaria) and would then be tested for malaria.

The second concept, ‘First Response Stations’ involved team leaders getting trained in basic First Aid, and how to test and treat malaria. Supply boxes were stationed throughout plantations to make testing easier and more accessible.

Testing revealed a strong winner; “Cash for Fevers” was catchy and easy to understand. Ninety percent of patients visiting shopkeepers cited fever as a symptom, and shopkeepers performed 300% more malaria tests than the baseline. Team Leaders proved to be an invaluable communication channel to spread awareness amongst workers, being more effective than a launch event.

Some of the project outputs:

  • Concept development
  • BCC
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Testing

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