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The Problem

Completing an early childhood education (ECE) program can significantly increase a child’s likelihood of completing secondary school and later becoming a community leader. But what happens when the majority of children don’t complete even a one-year ECE program? We facilitated a Trigger Mapping workshop with participants from Plan International (Zambia), Zambia Ministry of Education and Save the Children to discover the main reason children weren’t completing the ECE program. We found that the ‘trigger’ was due to volunteer teachers quitting their jobs. How might you inspire a volunteer teacher to continue working?

The Solution

As we dove deeper into the issue, we discovered there were several challenges or ‘headaches’ that caused volunteer teachers to quit. We examined each headache and brainstormed cures. For example, teachers felt they were working too much, so a solution was to recommend they teach three days a week instead of five. Another was that teachers felt they didn’t have enough support after their initial training, and a cure was to create monthly training events. One year after our initial workshop, Plan Zambia is still using Trigger Mapping with their volunteer teachers to identify headaches and brainstorm solutions together.

"The greatest thing I learned after our workshop with 17 Triggers is that awareness raising alone does not change behaviors… We can be more effective at changing behavior of our communities by changing the way we implement projects."

—Joseph Yowela, Plan Zambia

Some of the project outputs:

  • Workshop
  • Capacity Building

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