We want Asian youth to migrate safely


MTV EXIT seeks to prevent human trafficking and promote safe migration throughout the Asia Pacific.

The Problem

Every year, tens of thousands of people from Asia migrate to work in larger cities, domestically and abroad. Unfortunately, dreams quickly dissolve to nightmares for some of these people who find themselves ensnared as modern day slaves, working in abusive environments that are near impossible to escape from. For years many NGOs have encouraged people to ‘watch out for human trafficking,’ but unfortunately this message is so broad it does little to help. How might we make something as complex as human trafficking easier to prevent?

The Solution

While conducting a messaging workshop with technical experts from World Vision, we boiled down 77 possible risk prevention messages to three key actions youth could take to shield themselves from human trafficking. The steps were then translated into a simple hand sign that would unite celebrities, youth activists and musicians in five countries. We developed a simple to use toolkit as well as a video starring Cambodian youth activists that would spark other activities, music videos and PSAs broadcasted around SE Asia.

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"17 Triggers crew are creative, passionate, and never lose sight of their goal to create as much positive social impact as possible. One thing is for sure that makes them unique: they always see the forest for the trees."

—Kyle Buetzow, Former Manager at MTV EXIT

Some of the project outputs:

  • Concept development
  • BCC
  • IEC
  • Social Marketing
  • Workshop
  • TVC / Radio
  • Strategy
  • Training Tools
  • Events

The Work

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