We want African women to avoid taking predatory loans

Microfinance Transparency

Microfinance Transparency (MFT) provides policy advising services, educational messaging and training to make loan pricing, conditions and terms easy to understand.

The Problem

In some African countries, several microfinance institutions can offer extremely high interest or high penalty loans, also known as ‘predatory loans’ as they can put borrowers in a life of debt. Despite MFIs in the past informing African women of the need to understand loan interest, penalties and fees, rarely do they take the time to do so. Often the women are so excited to get a loan, they sign the contract without understanding what they are getting themselves into. How might we persuade these women to slow down and take the time to understand if a loan is right for them?

Our Solution

We developed a concept that used humor and storytelling to compare and contrast the dos and don’ts when shopping for loans. The concept also shows that loan terms and conditions don’t have to be boring and complicated. The final product is not just an animation, but an entire concept implemented across video, radio public service announcements (PSAs), print and training materials throughout east Africa.

Some of the project outputs:

  • Concept development
  • BCC
  • IEC
  • TVC / Radio
  • Training
  • Training Tools

The Work

Meet Auntie-Need-a-Loan. A lot like many microfinance clients in Africa, she’s always in a rush to get a loan. She doesn’t read the terms and conditions and gets into too much debt. What will happen to Auntie-Need-a-Loan next?

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