We want families to drink safe water


Hydrologic is a social enterprise that produces and sells ceramic water filters through partner NGOs and retailers across Cambodia.

The Problem

40% of Cambodian families don’t have access to safe drinking water, translating to millions of cases of diarrhea and child malnutrition and thousands of deaths every year. Traditionally families burn wood to boil water, which is time consuming and is expensive and taxing on the environment. Several water filters exist on the market but the majority are pushed by ‘snake oil’ type salesmen and don’t work well. To outshine the competition, Hydrologic created Super Tunsai (Super Rabbit), a high quality water filter. The question then became, how might we launch a new product in a saturated market to become a symbol of trust?

The Solution

We used Proctor and Gamble testing methods and worked with the Hydrologic Team to try out different names and logos with the target market (mothers). After finding a clear winner, we moved on to test different TV commercial storyboards. One concept in particular hit the emotions of mothers, who were seen watching closely and laughing. With that, a new TV commercial, radio ad and themed sales tools were born.

0 households using a Tunsai
0 tons of wood saved/year

"17 Triggers is in a league of their own."

—Benjamin Mandell, PATH Cambodia

Some of the project outputs:

  • Sales tools
  • Concept development
  • TVC / Radio
  • Print
  • Testing
  • Training Tools

The Work

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