We want farmers to triple their crop yields


Cambodia HARVEST is a USAID-funded integrated food security and climate change program that seeks to reduce poverty and malnutrition by increasing food production of local households.

The Problem

Fearful of risk, some traditional farmers resist change, even to the detriment of their produce. Encouraging these farmers to break devastating habits – such as using cow manure, which burns crop roots, as a fertilizer – and adopt new practices can be incredibly difficult.. There are dozens of different steps farmers can take to increase their crop yield, but how do we make all these news steps easy to remember?


The Solution

During our field research, we discovered that training conducted by agronomists was often difficult to understand and that trainers would often disagree on the correct steps. Working with the lead agronomist for a couple days, we realized that fun and easy to follow training video would not only make his job easier, but would also give consistent instruction as well. The key was to directly contrast bad techniques with good ones without being offensive. The solution? Sweet Tomato and Rotten Tomato.

Some of the project outputs:

  • Concept development
  • Research
  • TVC / Radio
  • Testing
  • Training Tools

The Work


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