We want Cambodians to use less plastic bags

Fondazione ACRA

With a focus on the environment and funding from EU-SWITCH, Fondazione ACRA has ambitious plans to reduce the use and disposal of plastic bags in Cambodia.

The Challenge

Despite Cambodia being a small country (population 15.9 million), the average Cambodian uses more than 2000 plastic bags a year; approximately 52 bags a week. That’s five times the average in Europe. Fondazione ACRA wanted to create a drastic change in consumption and behavior. So they approached 17 Triggers to find insights and develop a behavior change campaign that would actively reduce plastic bag usage, targeting fresh food and “wet” markets as the main areas where plastic bags are heavily used.

Our Solution

The 17 Triggers team found that market vendors did not want to appear stingy to customers, especially if neighboring vendors gave out a lot of plastic bags. After several mini trials, the team created the “Combine-all-in-one” campaign, encouraging vendors and customers to combine more fruits and vegetables in one bag instead of many small bags. By appealing to vendors’ environmental concerns, and more importantly, by showing them how much money they could save, vendors gave larger, but fewer, bags to their customers.

The team also created the “Combine All in One” fruit Lady, a jovial personality featured in a TVC and a viral video that garnered over 500K organic views on Facebook.

Since launching, ACRA has taken the designed tools and trained over 1354 vendors in eight key markets across Cambodian cities. Plastic bag usage among trained vendors has dropped, on average, by 35%. ACRA plans to train more vendors to further reduce usage in Cambodia.

Some of the project outputs:

  • BCC
  • Research
  • Testing
  • Training Tools

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