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If you think you have skills to help out our team, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for technical consultants and volunteers to help us with our projects. Send an email with your CV and your best work to apply@17triggers.com and use the subject line: “I want to be a trigger too.”

Project Assistant (Lusaka, Zambia)

We're looking for a rockstar Project Assistant to join our crew in Lusaka, to provide support to the Team Leader and the other team members in all the tasks and activities related to the successful implementation of the mission.

The Project Assistant we are looking for is a seasoned operator, someone who has earned their awesome skills through a combination of formal courses and hard-won local on ground experience. Being a crack team, what we look for in our team members is:

- Razor Sharp Mind: Have a university degree in Marketing, Commerce, Management or Business or equivalent work experience
- Excellent Communicator: Be able to communicate thoughts, feelings & ideas in a crystal clear and unambiguous manner, in both written and verbal communication. Someone who understands that words have power and so uses them wisely.
- Eye For Detail: Be extremely detail oriented in all things, big and small
- Push Beyond The 'No’: Someone who is able to creatively and effectively problem solve and convert a No to a Yes
- Strength: Of mind and of character. What we do is hard, and we will get knocked back. We need our team members to shake it off, reset and come back stronger
- Do It Right The First Time: Any task worth doing, is worth doing right the first time around. This way we don’t spend time on do-overs
- Calm Under Pressure: There is always too much to do and too little time, so we need someone who laughs at pressure and continues being awesome!
- Great Company: We need our team to be serious about their work, but not about themselves. Someone who can laugh with others and at themselves is a definite asset
- Tech Genius: Be a savant at understanding hardware and software. Rock at using Microsoft Office Programs, Google Suite and other productivity tools
- Number Whisperer: Be able to look at an Excel sheet and understand what’s going on. Be able to work with budgets and other finance related matters

Send your CV to dianne@17triggers.com by Wednesday September 6, 2017!

Director of Innovation

As a key member of the company’s leadership team, your mission will be to build out and grow the Innovation Business Unit including the strategy, resourcing, processes, product offering, and technical competencies. You will be responsible for the performance of a portfolio of projects executed by the Innovation team.

As the leader of the Innovation Business Unit, you will focus on team development and coaching, as well as quality oversight of your team’s project design and deliverables. Your primary aim will be to lead, oversee, and mentor multi-talented and diverse design teams to discover root causes of problems, collaboratively come up with solutions, develop strategies, test those hypotheses, and ultimately present scalable recommendations to our clients. These recommendations may translate into helping client organizations refine their product and service offering, re-thinking their distribution channels, and even disrupt their business model entirely.

At times, you will also join in project design and implementation, rolling up your sleeves to serve as project lead for larger, more complicated and technical projects with our clients.

Feel right for you? Throw your hat in the ring!

Deadline | Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, therefore the sooner we receive yours the better! We encourage you to submit yours soon.

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We're looking for a Project Assistant (Lusaka, Zambia) and a Director of Innovation!

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